The Importance of a Quality Assured Service in the Powder Coating Industry

While there are many types of paint that will work well, the best option for metal, and certainly for the most durable finish, is powder coating. However, even though the powder coating process produces a tremendous finish with unparalleled durability, if the coating isn’t applied properly, it could compromise the quality of the equipment. That is why choosing a provider of powder coating that employs a high-level quality assured service is imperative.

Pre Treatment

There are many steps that a person should look for when looking for quality assured services. For example, pre-treatment solutions are essential to making sure that the actual powered coating adheres to the metal surface like it should. Sometimes, those solutions will have to be custom made depending on the surface that is receiving the powder coating. Powder coating providers that employ full-time chemists and have a functioning solution lab will be able to not only control the quality of the pre-treatment solutions but will also be able to mix custom solutions as the need arises.

Cure Thicknesses and Adhesion

How thick a film cures and how well it adheres to the surface are also things that quality assurance can and will monitor. Quality assurance protocols will often do random testing on various powder coated surfaces to make sure the finished products are in keeping with a company’s as well as its client’s standards. These tests can result in small adjustments to the coating process. However, if there is a problem with new machinery, machinery that isn’t working properly, or a new method for powder coating is being used, this random testing can help make significant changes to ensure the constancy of the products provided.

Powder coating is a wonderful way to apply finishes to metal that look spectacular and are durable beyond belief. However, the process should be constantly monitored to provide the best possible products. That’s why working with a powder coating provider that has an established quality assurance system in place is something that simply cannot be underestimated. With the cost of such coatings, it will be important that you get the most value for the money you’re spending, and quality assurance is a good place to start.